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Hi! I’m Clo.

I am a nutrition coach who works with individuals who want to go beyond quick-fixes and fad diets and create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle where they can thrive and enjoy themselves.

Clo is a great supporting coach. Taking her advice outside of the kitchen and helping her clients overcome the hurdles that are in the way of leading a healthier happier life. I’ve gained super valuable habits that have helped me improve my sleep, stress levels and of course nutrition. She’s an amazing person to have in your corner.
— Lula D.


My vision

It doesn’t matter whether you already have clearly defined goals or just a vague idea of where you want to head; the most important thing is to start.

I’ve been working with Clo for about 4-5 months now. I came to her, desperately needing help to change my eating habits and my lifestyle. I had developed pretty awful eating habits with two back to back pregnancies and just completely being in “survival mode” which to me was either eating everything in sight when I had time or skipping meals all together.
— Breanne K.

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