Get After It: A Goal Setting Workbook

Let me get real for a minute…

Get After It Workbook.jpg

The phrase “New year, new me” makes me cringe. And my questioning nature haaaaates New Years resolutions. Left to my own devices, I am more likely to start a new habit on any given Wednesday or on the first of the month, but I know that the New Year holds significance for a lot of people. And to be honest, I think any incentive to take action and become a driving force in your own life should be celebrated.

This is why I created Get After It: A Goal Setting Workbook. In this free, downloadable workbook, I cover goal setting theory in a way that is engaging and applicable to your life. I then take you through the process of identifying what goals really matter to you, and how to go about actually achieving them, as well as how to plan for challenges and roadblocks.

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