Celebrate the Small Wins

I get it, you are working towards big goals but those goals lie in the distant future. And amidst the daily grind, it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you’ll never get there!

I would encourage you to start taking note of the small wins you experience daily. It could be a small improvement you noticed, like you are getting really good at making tasty salads for your lunches, or generally small good things that happen throughout the day, like a nice stranger holding the door for you, or getting to sit in your favourite spot at your go-to coffee shop.

Not only should you take mental note of those small wins, but I would suggest you also write them down. Keeping a journal dedicated to your daily wins (among other writing exercises you might want to undertake - more on that another day) is an awesome stress management practice! A few years ago, I started noting the highlight of my day and daily wins on small pieces of paper, which I would then fold up and store in this great big glass vase on a shelf. A few months into it, I was left with a jar of memories and tidbits that gave me the warm fuzzies every time I reached for one.

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Reward Yourself For Your Achievements

In my opinion, setting SMARTER goals is a great way to ensure you are being intentional about who you are becoming, but let’s not forget to treat ourselves! Rewards that are commensurate to the size of the achievement will keep you motivated to keep striving.

Embrace the process

You know that feeling once you hit a PR in the gym? Sure, you celebrate for a minute, but the next thing you know, you’ve already set another goal for yourself, so that satisfaction is temporary. I think of it as a treadmill: there is always another goal to strive for.

To avoid burnout, why not learn to embrace the process rather than focusing on the outcome? If you learn to love the tasks associated with achieving your goal, you are much more likely to not only stick with it, but actually enjoy yourself in the process!

Create white space

Do you ever get the feeling that you are so busy your brain is actually spinning in circles, and threatening to melt out of your ears, and you can barely string an intelligible sentence together? Yeah, been there too.

One way I like to combat that feeling is by creating white space throughout my day: I will look at my time audit and carve out small (5-10min, sometimes even less) pockets of peace where I can just be still, breathe, and calm my brain down a touch. This can mean pulling into the driveway and not exiting your vehicle immediately, but rather taking a few deep breaths, or hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes (I know of a few introverts with chatty extroverted partners that have been known to use this tactic when coming home from work, so they can recharge their batteries without upsetting their partner), or going for a walk around the block.

What techniques do YOU use? Or what do you struggle with when it comes to feeling overwhelmed and getting it all done?

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