Dieting red flags

In my last blog post, we had a real talk around dieting, and I broke the news to you that if you are eating to lose weight, you are most likely going to get hungry. This is a fact that most of us will just have to accept, though we have also covered a number of ways to alleviate that hunger.

On the flipside, please reconsider your diet approach/reach out to your coach if:

You start having obsessive thoughts about foods

Thinking about food 24/7 is not healthy, nor is it a productive way to live your life. Please reach out to a professional if you feel yourself slipping; you could also consider a diet break, regularly scheduled refeed day, or a more gentle approach to dieting.

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You have a list of foods you "can't wait to be able to eat again"

Along the same lines, obsessing about foods that you currently aren’t allowing yourself is not a sane way to approach nutrition in the long term. Please go back and reread the “indulge” bullet of this post, or reach out so we can talk about it.

You lose your hunger entirely

At first you might feel relieved that you are not hungry anymore while dieting, but in some cases this may mean that you have lost your hunger cues, which is pretty alarming and can be linked to disordered eating patterns. Please talk to your coach if this is you.

You get moody

We all know hanger, that awful combination of hunger and anger. If “hangry-pants” is turning into your middle name, make sure you go back and (re-)read the previous post on how to mitigate hunger. Then take a deep breath and talk to your coach (in the nicest way you can muster right now, please?)

Your social life is suffering

Your weight-loss approach should be sustainable. If your current diet has you turning down social events, your approach might be too restrictive. Please talk to your coach or reach out so we can get more flexibility into your life.

You lose your period or lose interest in sex

Your reproductive health may suffer if you are in too deep a deficit or diet for too long. Talk to your coach and/or doctor about it, don’t be shy!

You are dragging your feet

If you are feeling constantly and inordinately tired, or you are relying heavily on caffeine to get through your day, your diet may be to blame. Be open to your coach about it, there may be tweaks you can implement to help you have more energy. (I’m looking at you, in the corner, with toothpicks prying your eyelids open à la Clockwork Orange, chasing pre-workout with a double espresso!)

In short

The key takeaway here is be open with your coach about how you are feeling while in a caloric deficit! I know I started off by telling you that getting hungry is normal when you are dieting, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be a martyr and just grin and bear it. Your coach is there to help you through it and make sure you have the best experience possible while also working towards your goals! If that sounds like something you’d like support with, get in touch - I’d love to help you out.