Slow Your Roll: Maintenance Matters

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Shoot for the stars. No days off. Slay the day. Better than yesterday… I bet you could add 10 more cliches along the same lines yourself.

As a society, we are really good at striving. Some studies claim it’s in our nature - we start looking for the next goal, the next hit, the next summit, before the current one is even attained. We live for tomorrow.

My objective here is not to delve into a philosophical discussion of goal attainment as it pertains to happiness (though check out the links below for some reading to get you started on the topic), but rather to illustrate the importance of maintenance and consolidation when it comes to habit creation and lifestyle changes.

In other words, why you don’t need a new goal each week. SLOW YOUR ROLL, kiddo!


You see, I urge you to consider that if you reached all your process targets (micro-actions that are feeding into your process goals) last week, maybe what you need is not to keep charging forward like a runaway train, but rather to consolidate your newly created habit. By aiming solely to maintain what you’ve built so far, you are ensuring that this new habit will stick in the long term. In endurance training terms, you can think of this as “getting the miles in”. If you were lifting weights, you might compare this concept to using the same weight as last week for a given movement but focusing on movement quality.

Focusing on habit maintenance and consolidation really comes down to deciding to do things BETTER, rather than doing MORE. It’s not a step backwards - it’s a way of ensuring that you have a strong lifestyle base on which you can layer more habits - the taller the pyramid, the wider the base, right?

So this week, take a few minutes, get a notepad out, and answer the following questions:

  • What did you want to accomplish last week?

  • What did you learn from it?

  • In light of the goals you set out for yourself last week, what do you want to accomplish this week?

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