Zucchini Protein Pancake Recipe

We’ve talked at length about whether or not breakfast was really the most important meal of the day, but one fact remains - I’ve never met anyone in their right mind who didn’t love breakfast.

I’m in the same boat - and though I’m not really a sweet breakfast kind of person, once in a while I just want to have a slow morning where I let the day start slow, full of promises. On those days, I tend to make pancakes.

This is my favourite pancake recipe - it is packed with vegetables and protein, and the pancakes are fairly neutral in flavour so the toppings you choose really shine, just how I like them. Some ideas for pancake toppings:

  • Peach slices (fresh or frozen) and pumpkin seeds

  • Peanut butter sauce (or powdered PB) and berry puree (just set some frozen berries to simmer on the stove for 15-ish minutes, and combine peanut butter with a bit of almond milk; heat in the microwave until it takes a runny consistency. Perfect for drizzling)

  • Cacao nibs and banana

  • Blueberries and almond butter

  • Maple syrup and… anything, really!

The recipe serves one rather hungry individual, but you could also split it between two if you used the pancakes as a side during brunch.

Let me know if you try them!

Zucchini Pancake Recipe (1).png