Life After A Holiday

So you fell first into foil-wrapped chocolate this weekend. First it was the Easter basket on display at work, then the kids’ overly sweet milk chocolate treats. I mean you had to help them out, take one for the team and save them from the impending stomach ache, right? That’s merely proactive parenting!

Then there was Sunday brunch, complete with a mimosa or 3, hot cross buns, quiche and bacon… you know the drill.

Whatever happened this weekend, I am here to tell you that it’s now all in the past. I want to give you the permission to move on with you life, but I will still give you a few tips on how to handle life after a holiday - it might come in handy this week.

Tomorrow is another day

The beauty of nutrition, in my opinion, is that you always get another chance to make a better decision. Every meal is a chance for you to improve your decision-making, your health and your well-being, so let’s not dwell on the past. Use the next 4 tips to get over the chocolate hangover painlessly as possible, and move on with your day, guilt-free.

Hydrate like it’s your job

If you overdid it with #SundayFunday cocktails and salty holiday food, you are likely somewhat dehydrated today. Make it your goal to down a good amount of water; it will help restore balance in your body and curb the water retention (read: bloat) you might be experiencing.

Not sure how much H2O to shoot for? If you like math, half your bodyweight (in lbs) gives you a good target (in ounces). For example, if you are 130lb, then take 65oz (or roughly 2litres) as your starting point. If you’d rather wing it, just drink enough that your pee is nearly clear. Keeping a water bottle in your purse or a water glass at your side on your desk is a good reminder.

Nourish your body

There is no need to actively restrict your calories to “make up” for what you ate on the weekend. Just follow your hunger cues, and eat a well-balanced meal (with protein and vegetables) when you get hungry. With that said, if you woke up stuffed and don’t feel hungry until mid-day, don’t force down breakfast, either. Your body is probably still digesting whatever you ate last night.

Get moving

If you are feeling sluggish, some gentle movement like a walk or some yoga is likely to make you feel better. Feeling energetic? Today is a great day to lift heavy, because your muscle glycogen stores are topped up. For the science nerds (like me!) out there, the carbohydrates you eat (read: Cross buns and hashbrowns) get stored into your muscles and liver as glycogen, ready to be used for physical activity.

In any case, you do not need to exercise to “make up” for what you ate lately. Let’s flip the script and exercise because we enjoy it, it makes us feel good and it’s good for us, mmmmmkay?

Stay off the scale

Lastly, I would recommend that you stay off the scale for a few days if it tends to trigger you. Believe me, a 1- or 2-day ‘bender’ didn’t undo all your progress, but if you feel like it might feel that way right now there’s no need to add salt to the wound. Read more about scale fluctuations here, and give it time. If you follow the above steps you will be back to feeling like your badass self in no time!

In summary, there’s no need to panic. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, guilt-free. They are an excellent occasion to flex that mindfulness muscle of yours and practice eating to satiety without going overboard; after the fact, they are also an excellent occasion to practice moving on and returning to a healthier routine.

Just in case you want more support on how to handle the post-holiday period, I’ve put together a FREE, downloadable guide for you. Just drop your email below!

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