I’ve been working with Clo for about 4-5 months now. I came to her, desperately needing help to change my eating habits and my lifestyle. I had developed pretty awful eating habits with two back to back pregnancies and just completely being in “survival mode” which to me was either eating everything in sight when I had time or skipping meals all together. Fast forward to now, all I can say is Clo has changed my LIFE. She is ALWAYS in my corner, I ALWAYS feel supported by her and she is always so quick to respond to me when Im struggling. She has truly changed the way I think about food, which is huge for me! I am so thankful for Clo and all that she has done for me, she’s amazing and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a nutrition coach.
— Breanne K.
Clo helped me seek out my real issues in life and gave me the reassurance that she was in my corner supporting me through every speed bump. I wasn’t looking for another quick fix in a fab diet, or the pressure of getting to the gym. Clo works out my biggest road blocks of coping with PTSD and high anxiety issues to create a consistent healthier lifestyle change. Best thing I did was find her and our journey together is only the beginning.
— Elisha C.
Clo is a great supporting coach. Taking her advice outside of the kitchen and helping her clients overcome the hurdles that are in the way of leading a healthier happier life. I’ve gained super valuable habits that have helped me improve my sleep, stress levels and of course nutrition. She’s an amazing person to have in your corner.
— Lula D.

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